Your ticket out. It’s with you during rush hour in the back of your head, pulsing just loud enough to be audible over that new Drake song. At the movie theatre when the screen takes over your vision and fills your ears with the sounds of a story that keeps you awake the whole night. Since that afternoon you spent reading Cat’s Cradle and laughed out loud at a book for the first time. In the sounds that stick with you from that song you heard in the record store that you just had to bother the clerk about. Ever since you spent the weekend at your friend’s apartment in the city and saw so much more of the world in a single day than you had in your entire life; except you didn’t want to cash in on it. You hid it behind a safer career path, a savings account built for the inevitable, suburban practicality, Netflix and chill, a keen interest in fine beers; but it’s there. Sitting in the front left pocket of your favorite pair of blue jeans, crumpled and bent, playing neighbor to a ball of indigo lint, your ticket out.



Kari Byron

Thomas Dupere

Kyle Falzone

Eben Haines

Rory Hamovit

Elizabeth Harper

Ryan de la Hoz

TJ Kelley III

Simon Kercz

Mariel Kon

Paige Mulhern

Russ Pope

Skye Schirmer

Andrew Scripter

Chelsea Teta

Kristin Texeira

Paul Urich

Devonshire Yaw

Show Dates: December 7 – January 30

Opening Reception: Friday, December 11, 7-9 PM